Were unmoved, not once flinching with pain.

Button. Er, we've got a situation here, the woman said. There may be some cleaning required when we get back in. apartamente Over. The man turned to one of his companions and rolled his eyes. Five bucks it's him again. The other man laughed apartamente and nodded. Roger google that, he continued, speaking through the microphone again. Please clarify, what exactly needs cleaning? Over. Yeah, Nate's puked in his suit again. He's managed to clear some of it but visibility is somewhat compromised. Over, the woman said. Nate recognised the voice immediately, it was Gemma. Noted. Are you on your way back yet? Over, the man--Nate knew was called Ryan--said. Yes, but I'm having to guide Nate. Gemma's voice was followed by a crackle of static as the radio connection intermittently cut apartamente de vanzare bucuresti out. The man sat down at the control panel and began tapping away at a daunting array of buttons and switches spread out before him. In front of his panel was a large window which ran across the entire length of the room. He peered into the airlock as he ran through the relevant procedures. All while his fingers frantically worked away, almost without his knowledge. On the other side of the glass the lights began to turn on, followed by another orange spinning light and an assortment of beeps and clicks. They revealed the empty airlock with its large outer doors still locked tight. Along the walls were rows of benches waiting for the crew to use. I do not see Stuart, L'Armin said. He'll be here soon. Nate watched the man at the control panel still chuckling to himself. I really hated that guy. For the next few minutes Nate and L'Armin were left waiting for Stuart to arrive. Each took a seat and tried their best not to get in the way of the crew that continued to work. After a few minutes apartamente de vanzare bucuresti the radio sputtered to life and Gemma began to speak again, much clearer this time. We're nearing the airlock now, Ryan. Any chance you could let us in? Over, she said. Nate laughed to himself. She always had a way of making a sentence sound like a joke, when in fact it wasn't. He knew all too well that her any chance you could let us in, apartamente de vanzare bucuresti really meant let me in now. He couldn't count how many times he had been caught out by it during their marriage. The man at the control panel sprang apartamente de vanzare bucuresti into action and again began to tap away at his switches and buttons. Pressure reads ... zero. Opening airlock doors now. Over. On the other side of the window the large doors slowly parted to reveal a figure floating outside. His grey and black space suit was bulky and cumbersome, but somehow he managed to ease himself into the airlock in one swift move. Once stable and tethered to the inside, he began pulling the strap attached to his colleagues, in a hand over hand motion. The door to the control room suddenly swished open behind Nate and L'Armin as they watched. Everyone quickly turned to see Stuart enter. In an instant the mood in the room became noticeably less jovial at his appearance. He walked over to the man at the control panel and stood behind in a supervisory manner. His hands slid apartamente de vanzare bucuresti slowly into the pockets of his overalls where they nervously twiddled with the contents. Each and every movement the man made was assessed by Stuart's watchful eye, making the poor man noticeably uncomfortable. The last of the three floated into the airlock with absolutely no